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Iwata Introduce their '5 Ways to Spray'... viaThe Airbrush Company, the UK importers

News from Airbrush manufacturer Iwata as they change the look of their packaging to match their '5 Ways to Spray' branding.  I have to say I think this is a useful and well thought out change to their marketing.  In many years of writing about modelling, a frequent question has been from beginners to airbrushing as to which is the right airbrush to choose.  The answer lies largely in the question 'what do you want to use it for?'   This divides the Iwata range into 5 categories ranging from very fine detail work to very broad coverage.  Users also vary enormously from commercial vehicle painters, to artists, cosmetic artists, cake decorators and modellers.  Some of their products fit firmly into one of the categories while some may span a couple.  It helps you to select the most appropriate product for each individual who wants to use an airbrush.  They also range in price, as do their compressors, which is reflected in their costs, which are important to so many customers.  I think this is especially useful for the hobbyist even more than the commercial customer.  You can read the full information behind this new approach in the pdf document you can find below.

Thanks to The Airbrush Company for the news.


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