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Iwata Airbrush Accessories... in stock with The Airbrush Company

Universal Spray Out Pot

Using an airbrush can be a significant investment so I think it makes sense to have some good quality accessories to support its' use.  In this case we have some accessories from Iwata that can be very helpful.  First of these is a 'Spray Out Pot' to blow through paint / cleaner into a controlled pot.  The pot itself is glass but in a non-skid sleeve, which will also help protect it if you drop it.  The lid has a spout and airbrush holder that will cope with all styles of airbrush.  There is also a filter (illustrated in the photos below) plus two spare filters.  It does help contain the overspray when cleaning out your airbrush and the glass pot is easy enough to clean out.  It is also designed to fit to their Universal Airbrush holder, to keep everything together on your bench.

A good quality pot and fair value I think at £29.95 inc. VAT from The Airbrush Company.

Universal Airbrush Holder

The second part of this combination, a Universal Airbrush Holder, which can accommodate two airbrushes.  Able to accept gravity feed, side-feed, bottom feed and trigger style airbrushes, it centres around a large C-Clamp that will hold everything securely while you are working, and it does include a bracket to allow you to connect their new Spray Out Pot as well.  The clamp is helpfully large enough to cope with being clamped to a work surface up to 3inches.  Good quality materials, so this is set to last well.

Again, if you make good use of your airbrush(es) then something like this is well worth having for your work area.  RRP is £29.95 from The Airbrush Company.

Iwata Lube

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, an airbrush needs to be maintained.  IN this instance we have a tube of 'Lube', a non-toxic and silicone-free lubricant.  Use it on the moving parts such as the main lever, needle packing, valve-piston packing and along the needle and in the needle cap to assist the paint flow and prevent it from drying out.

RRP is £8,99 for a 10ml tube from The Airbrush Company.


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