Junkers Ju 88, vol 3...

...Monograph 3D Edition, no.64, new from Kagero, via Casemate

Title:  Junkers Ju 88, vol 3

Author: Marek J. Murawski & Marek Rys

Publisher:  Kagero

ISBN:  978-83-65437-75-4

This makes the third volume in this series to take on the subject of the Ju 88 in the Monograph series from Kagero.  Adding to the story from the previous two this one hold lots more to interest us.  In particular is gives us the story of the bomber variants.  There are 140 pages in the book, with pages 3 -78 giving us the historical stories with elements giving details of the different variants of the Ju 88A, from the A2 through to the A17 variants, then the Ju 88B, E bombers and the 88 F reconnaissance aircraft.  Then it moves on to the 88H, S and T variants.  This is followed by a section I found particularly interesting, on the Mistel combinations of the Ju88 coupled to either an Me 109 or Fw 190 fighter.  Then we get to the major text element of this first half of the book, which holds a lot of crew accounts telling the story of the operational use of the Ju 88 during the Battle of Britain between the 10 July and 30 September 1940.

The second half of the book, from pages 79-140 are filled with the excellent 3D computer generated images which Kagero do so well.  In full colour, the majority give close up views of specific details including the undercarriage and a few full aircraft views, but the bulk give super references on the pilot's seat and the various control panels to be found in the cockpit/crew compartment.

I should add that the first half of the book, with the historical aspect of this volume, is also heavily illustrated with archive photos, many of which I had not seen before.  Among these I especially liked those showing the Mistel combinations.  All of them offer some great references and are also well captioned.  The aviation historian will like this one, but for the modeller, especially if you are building one of the larger scale kit, then this should be invaluable.

Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.