The German Armoured Cruiser SMS Blucher...

...Super Drawings in 3D, new from Kagero, via Casemate Books

Title:  The German Armoured Cruiser SMS Blucher

Author: Marsden Samuel & Wolfgang Bohlayer

Publisher:  Kagero

ISBN:  978-83-951575-7-8

This new addition to the Super Drawings 3D series from Kagero takes on a WW1 subject, the German cruiser SMS Blucher.  It follows the usual format for the series in that it opens with the background to the design and build of the ship, the technical details and its' service history.  It was a vessel which took part in two raids on the UK in 1914, one on Great Yarmouth and the other on Scarborough. In another foray to the Dogger Bank in January 1915 she was part of another raid that was intercepted by a Royal Navy force which led to the sinking of the Blucher.

The 86-page softcover book then gets into the series of excellent 3D computer images that Kagero do so well, which illustrate all the detailed elements of the vessel.  The second half of the book is perhaps a little bit different to others in the series in that it carries much more detail of the internal arrangements, with the engines and boiler rooms but particularly the arrangements of the armament and the ammunition feeds.  It has main armament of 12x 21cm guns, mounted in pairs in turrets, two on each broadside plus one forward and one aft.  In addition there was secondary armament of 8x 15cm guns mounted in casemates plus another 16x 8.8cm guns as well.  If that wasn't enough, there were also 4x torpedo tubes.  One in the bow, another in the stern and then another one on either side.  Amongst the drawings we see internal arrangement details of the main turrets as well the as the interior casemates.  To go with them, we also see the unusual rubber conveyor belts used to feed ammunition and propellent from the magazines to the gun positions.  There is lots more, including the detail of the small ship's boats.  Tucked into the book is a separate fold-out sheet with 1/35o scale plans and cross-sections, great for the scratchbuilder.              

Another excellent addition to the SuperDrawings 3D series from Kagero and I think my favourite to date.   I found this one of the most interesting titles of the series so far, and of course a mine of reference information for modellers.

Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.