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German 77mm Guns & Crew and Gun Team in 12mm scale...

...Wargame models from Kallistra
Kallistra_12mm_WW1GermanGuns (1).JPG

When I visited the 'Warfare 2019' event in Reading in November 2019 I came across a range of figures I hadn't looked at before and among a huge range of metal wargames I found these. The first is a German WW1 7.7cm gun and horse team, with a pack containing two complete gun teams, with 6x horses, limber, limber riders and gun for each one. Available separately is another set, with 4x 7.7cm guns and a three man crew for each one.  The neat extra in these packs are that they include bases for them as well. I have to admit I didn't use them but went for MDF cut bases so I had the space to fit the complete team on one base, and add little bit of scenery just to finish off a 'mini' diorama. 

These photos show the finished models, which are really small, so I put a £1 coin beside them to give you some idea of size. I love doing unusual (to me) bits and pieces that are outside my normal subject areas, but this one is one I just thoroughly enjoyed doing (I still have another full tam and three more guns/crews to finish. I also have a British 18pounder and team to do, though haven't started that yet. I feel a French gun team will call to me soon as well!


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