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Lifecolor IJN Paint sets

Lifecolor, Imperial Japan Navy, Set 1
It is many years ago now since various Japanese model companies began releasing 1/700 models of each vessel of the IJN of WW2.  Since then it has carried on and we see them including a fascinating variety of ships these days, including support vessels.  We have looked at a few here on site over the last year or so.  Now with that in mind, let along the addition of 1/350 models in recent years, so two new sets of IJN colours from Lifecolour are a great help.  For much of the war the IJN ships were painted in a dark grey, and in this set we see a couple of variations, depending on the ship yard.  The colours in set one features Sasebo Grey, Kure Grey, Yokosuka Grey and Maizuru Grey (the lightest shade), plus Linoleum Deck and anti-fouling Hull Red for the bottom of the hull.  They are all satin colours, appropriate for IJN vessels.  Shake/mix them well prior to use, and they brush on well, and with a little thinner, can be airbrushed as well.

Lifecolor, Imperial Japan Navy, Set 2
Moving on to set 2, and useful for vessels later in the war, six more colours though not a grey in sight.  This time we get Camo Green Type 1 (darker), Camo Green Type? 2 (mid green), along with Beimatsu Deck Tan, Hinoki Deck Tan (the lighter tan in the pack), along with lighter greens, Camo Green Type? 21 and Camo Green Type? 22.  As with set 1, these are all satin colours.

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