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Lifecolor Stone Grey Paint set... in stock with The Airbrush Company, the UK importers

LifeColor Stone Set (22ml x 6) [LC-CS40]
SRP £17.99

Use this set of six colours to paint stone effects on your models.

The LifeColor Stone set includes:
UA 780 Blue Stone
UA 781 Brown Stone
UA 782 Dark Sand Stone
UA 783 Green Stone
UA 784 Reddish Stone
UA 785 Light Stone

You may mix these matt colours with Tensocrom Medium to make them into weathering glazes or simply use them as high-coverage matt colours.

A very handy set of complementary colours which will be very helpful for painting buildings /walls and suchlike.  Some wall can be in a fairly consistent grey colour but it is even more interesting to see some natural colour variations, just as you often see in stone buildings.  Of course you can use colours from your standard stock of paint but it is useful to have a set like this which provides colours you can use straight from the pot.

These are good paints for brush painting (you will want a bit of thinner if you are using them in an airbrush) and personally I'd most usually use them  for brush painting.  They dry to a nice matt finish, which is ideal.


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