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Bedford OXA in 1/72...

...MAFVA Models, exclusive to members of MAFVA
MAFVA_BedfordOXA (12).JPG

This is something that marks a bit of a special model. Cast in resin, this is one of the two first releases in a series of 1/72 models available exclusively to members of MAFVA. Among the benefits of MAFVA membership, which is still just £16.00 for a one year membership and it includes receiving Tankette magazine 6 times per year, and access to discounts and other benefits (and using these can easily save you the cost of your subscription), and among these is the availability of these models that are restricted to MAFVA members.

Cleanly cast in a polyurethane resin, this is not a complex kit, so easy enough to just clean up the parts and assemble. I'd suggest not fixing the rear armoured superstructure in place until you have painted the inside of it. Once built, I gave mine a spray-can coat of grey primer and then brush painted the 2-colour camouflage using the Lifecolor British AFVs Paint Set, Part 2. These are overall SCC 2 Brown, with a disruptive pattern of SCC 1A Very Dark Brown. My next task is to identify an appropriate set of marking for it. I will also add a Boyes anti-tank rifle with one from the Sgts Mess pack of British small arms.


The Bedford OXA was an armoured cab and body fitted to the Bedford OXD 1.5ton truck chassis, and armed with a Boyes anti-tank rifle. Built in 1940-1941 they were used by both Regular British Army and Home Guard units, who retained them through into 1942. A total of 948 examples were built.



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