FV 432/30 in 1/76...

...a resin kit from Matador Models, previously a Cromwell Models kit

This is a recent addition to the Matador Models range of 1/76 post-war models, in this case one of a real life conversion when the turrets from Fox armoured cars were fitted to the FV432 APC.  There were a few problems with them, so only 13 were converted, and they served with the Berlin Brigade during the Cold War, in the distinctive urban camouflage scheme used in the city.  It is shown here built, but only painted in a grey primer.

Originally this model was part of the Cromwell Models range of 1/76 kits which have been difficult to obtain at times, but now Matador have taken over part of their 1/76 range of kits, as Cromwell only make 1/72 models these days.  This is one of four FV 432 variants they now have available.