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Head for the Huey...

...another Vietnam themed figure set from MB Models
Masterbox_HeadfortheHuey (1).JPG

This 5-figure set adds to the series of 1/35 Vietnam themed sets from MasterBox, and once again a set I like for telling a particular story. In this case it is one which tells a common story as a wounded soldier is taken by his comrades back towards rescue, in the form of the 'Huey'. The Bell UH-1 Utility Helicopter became one of 'the' symbols of the Vietnam War.  The standard troop carrier was known as a 'Slick', whereas a medical evacuation version was the 'Dust-Off'.  While on the topic, and in case you are not familiar with these terms, the gunships were referred to as 'Snakes'.

There are 5 figures.  The first is depicted standing and set to throw a smoke grenade.  You could use this two ways, either as a smoke grenade to cover their extraction or perhaps to 'pop' a coloured smoke to guide in the Huey to the landing zone.  A second figure carries an M79 grenade launcher, a 'blooper' while he also carries the large backpack for his wounded comrade.  Two more have their weapons slung over their shoulders while they carry their wounded comrade between them.  He has a bandaged right leg and around his head, clearly in need of medical treatment.

All wear the distinctive 'Tiger Stripe' camouflage used by US Special Forces such as the Navy Seals and LRRPs.  Three wear the soft 'boonie' hats, the wounded man has lost his hat while the final figure has a scarf tied around his head.  The neatly done accessory parts are all on a separate sprue and these include various packs, ammo pouches, knives, water bottles, grenade, pistol holsters etc, along with a good selection of small arms.  We have a couple of Colt M15s, M16s (including one with the M203 grenade launcher, a 'captured' AK47, the M79 grenade launcher and a French MAT-49.  They have also provided some optional headgear, so you can choose to mix and match the Boonie hats with helmets or caps.  Plenty to enable you to individualise your models.  Perfect of course if you want to add them to a Huey in a diorama.


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