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MB Models News, June/July 2017...

...3 new figure sets due soon

MB Models have been good enough to send through some details of three new figure sets that they are set to release during March/April 2017.  One is on the topic of the modern US soldier and once again provides a set which tells a particular story, though the figures can of course be used individually as an alternative.  The other set features Native American Indians, all in action poses.

1) 35193 "Under Fire. Modern US Infantry" – 1/35 -  the kit relates to the period of Modern Wars and consists of 4 figures. The figures make up the single story showing a combat scene that could happen in any corner of Iraq or Afghanistan nowadays. The U.S. Army sub-unit went into action with insurgents, one fighter is wounded and a medical man administers him, a machinegunner covers the enemy with dense fire, another fighter reloads his M4A1 and is ready to come to the aid of him. The whole scene looks very live, dramatic, the figures are animated very well and interact with each other greatly and this kit can both enliven the diorama with the use of models of techniques and serve as the basis for creating mini-diorama. Also we would emphasize that the figures in the given kit can be used not only in the look offered by the manufacturer, but also separately, in any combination, at modeller’s choice.  

2) 35189 "Indian Wars Series. On the Great Plains" – the kit continues the series of the figures in 1/35 scale dedicated to the period of history of the USA of the XIXth century and relates to the time of so-called “Indian Wars”. The kit includes parts for the assembly of the figures showing the Indian family wandering through wide open spaces of prairies. The kit consists of the figure of the warrior, head of the family that is leading a horse on that his wife is sitting holding a child in arms, besides, the horse is pulling so-called Travois that is a primitive tool by which Indians who were unaware of wheel carried their property. Despite calm and even static character of the story offered in the kit the poses of the figures are very live, filled with internal motions, and the figures interact with each other greatly creating emotionally filled story.

We would like to note that we tried during creation of the kit that our kit would correspond to ethnographic peculiarities characteristic of inhabitants of the Great Plains of that period very fully, but at the same time we tried also that external look of the figures would be rather universal and the modeler would be able to give peculiarities that are characteristic of concrete tribe of Indians of Plains – Comanche, Navajo etc. to the figures by painting on own.

3) 24029 "Bob and Sally - The Happy Couple" – this kit is the part of the series of the kits performed in new 1/24 scale for Master Box company. The choice of 1/24 scale exactly for this series of the kits is caused by that there is indeed enormous number of the models of the cars performed, foremost, from metal in 1/24 scale on the market, but at the same time expressive deficiency of the figures in this scale is felt and the offered series of the kits is just aimed at making up this deficiency. The kit consists of one sprue with the parts that allow creating two figures – figure of a girl and figure of a boy. The task of these figures is, first of all, to draw attention to the model of the car, to make perception of the real size of the car in comparison with the figures clearer, but we will emphasize that the pose of the figures allows using them both together with any model of the passenger car and during creation of a separate vignette that is independent of the model of the car.

We would like to note that the figures are performed on high artistic level, they are very simple in the assembly and they will give a lot of pleasure to modellers during the work with them, and emotional saturation characteristic of these figures, some story that is read in their poses gives special charm and attractiveness to the kit.

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