MB Models News, January/February 2020...

...2 new figure sets to start the new year

News from Master Box of 2 new figure sets due out soon.  Master Box company continues to work on a new series of kits in 1/35 and 1/24 scales and presents two new kits.    One in 1/35, and one in 1/24.

1) 35207 “Danger Close”. Special Operations Team, Present Day" – Nowadays the subject of using PMC in hot spots is becoming actual especially, because the governments of leading countries are attracting such units more actively to perform tasks in which the participation of the army or other official structures is unacceptable. It predetermined the choice of the subject for our next kit, as the interest of modellers in the figures of PMC fighters is obvious. Besides, the presence of a lot of models of both military and civilian equipment on the market makes this kit popular especially, as it allows creating a non-standard diorama.
The kit includes parts for assembling four figures of PMC fighters who found themselves in a difficult situation during the mission. The group of the figures represents a highly artistic sculptural composition with a brightly expressed plot, which contains understatement, intrigue and allows you to see the whole story.
The figures can be used greatly both to create a diorama containing only the figures, and to create a diorama by using models of techniques.
The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.

2) 24068 "Modern War Series, kit No. 1. "Our route has been changed!" – Nowadays local conflicts occur in various points of the planet, in which, from time to time, highly professional army units are forced to take part to carry out particularly difficult missions.
The kit contains parts for assembling two figures of servicemen of such an elite unit performing a similar mission in the Middle East and a separate sprue with models of weapons and elements of equipment. These figures are Corporal Jessica Johnson and Sergeant James Haberson. We emphasize that Corporal Jessica Johnson is a woman who has achieved the right to serve in an elite unit.
The figures are made in 1/24 scale, which allowed us to perform all the details with special care and they represent miniature sculptures of high quality. The figures interact with each other greatly, presenting a clear plot, but they can also be used separately to create vignettes or mini-dioramas.

We would emphasize also that the kit contains a separate sprue with models of weapons and elements of equipment of high-quality that are manufactured by ICM.

The kit is performed in 1/24 scale.

35207 box art
35207 box back
24068 Box Art
24068 Box Back
24068 _1
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