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MB Models News, March/April 2020...

...2 new 1/35th figure sets

News from Master Box of 2 new figure sets due out soon.  Both in 1/35.

1)  35208 German StuG III Crew, WW II era. “Their position is behind that forest!"

We should tell that the interest of modellers in models of military techniques and, especially, of techniques of the WWII era remains stably high and, therefore, the figures designed exactly for such techniques are still in demand. Exactly such kit is our kit 35208 German StuG III Crew, WW II era. “Their position is behind that forest!".

The kit is devoted to the events of the WWII and it includes five figures. Four figures are figures of StuG III Crew and one figures is the Infantry officer.

The figures are united by a single story, as always. The story shows the scene that could happen in any point of the frontline: the Infantry officer, interacting with the STUG III crew during the battle, clarifies the task with the commander of this gun, while the rest of the crew, using a minute stop, enjoys a short break.

The group of the figures represents a highly artistic sculptural composition with a brightly expressed plot, which contains understatement, intrigue and allows you to see the whole story.

The figures interact with each other greatly and can be used for creating a diorama by using models of techniques.

The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.


2)  35209 “Protective Circle”. Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 1.
This kit opens a new series of kits, devoted to a completely new subject for us - the history of the United States in the 18th century, the subject  devoted to the Forest Indians and to the events of the Fourth French and Indian War of the mid-18th century.

The information about the appearance of this series was accepted by the modellers very favourably, that together with the success of our series devoted to Indian Wars of the 19th century, to the history of the Wild West and to the history of the Civil War in the USA, allows us to be sure that this series will be successful too.

It is planned that this series will consist of five kits that will show Rogers’ Raiders, Red coat (British soldiers and officers) and also French soldiers.

The first kit consists of four figures of Indian warriors who formed a protective circle around their wounded comrade.

All figures are performed on high artistic level and make up a single and brightly expressed story.

The figures allow you both to create a vignette with a story offered by the manufacturer, and to use each figure in any combination to create a mini-diorama.

The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.


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