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MB Models News, May/June 2020...

...2 new 1/35th figure sets

News from Master Box of 2 new figure sets due out soon.  Both in 1/35 and both WW2 subjects this time.

1) 3585 “British Infantry. Western Europe. 1944-1945” – this kit continues the series of the kits dedicated to urban battles in Europe in 1944-1945 and it represents the group of British Infantrymen who moved carefully through dangerous streets of Italian, French or German city.
The kit contains a sprue with British weapons and a sprue with the parts for the assembly of five figures of British Infantrymen: unit commander, machine gunner and three shooters.
The highlight of the kit is the figure of the commander, it is made in accordance with the multi-pose scheme and allows the modeller to assemble the figure in several versions - in a helmet, with his head uncovered and bandaged, with different weapons and with different positions of hands, which allows the modeller to have freedom and to choose compositions of the future diorama in accordance with own taste and fantasy.
In addition, the sprue with British weapons of that period included in the kit will also allow the modeller to diversify the diorama, and unused weapons will serve as an excellent bonus for the use in other projects.
The figures are made at a high artistic level, they are animated greatly and allow the modeller both to create a diorama in accordance with the story and to create own stories up to the use of the figures separately.
The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.

3585 Box Art.jpg

2) 35212 “Urgent Dispatch. German Military Men, WW II era” – this kit is a remake of the old and successful kit 35151 "Urgent dispatch. German military radio car Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170VK with crew, WW II era".
The main difference of this kit from the previous one is that the 35151 kit was, first of all, the kit of the German military radio car Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170VK and the figures included in the 35151 kit were of very high quality, but, nevertheless, not more than an addition to the model of the car that limited the use of the actual figures considerably.
Kit 35212 includes only the figures that expands the abilities of the kit significantly and allows the modeller to use the figures almost with any model of techniques of the WWII era of any manufacturer.
The kit 35212 includes a sprue with parts for assembling the figures of German military men of WW II era - figure of a radio operator, figure of a resting driver, figure of a military officer and figure of a cavalry (horse) officer, we emphasize especially that the figure includes a horse!
The figures are made at a high artistic level, essentially being sculptural miniatures, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly and allow the modeller to implement the most diverse stories for dioramas.
The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.


35212 BoxArt.jpg
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