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MB Models News, September-October 2019...

...2 new figure sets due soon

News from Master Box of 2 new figure sets due out soon.  Both are in 1/35.

1) 35201 “German Tank Crew, 1944-1945”
We must tell that recently the manufacturers of the models of military techniques began to pay special attention to the interior of models, began to reproduce the internal structure of military vehicles with filigree accuracy, and our kit is designed to show how exactly the Tankmen were accommodated inside the Tank. 
The kit includes parts for the assembly of five figures of German Tankmen from 1944-1945 during the operation of the T-V Panther Tank, but they can also be used for the T-VI Tiger Tank Model. The figures are animated well and they can both illustrate very well the terms under which Panzerwaffe Tankmen had to fight at that time and allow the modeller and spectator to understand better how exactly the numerous mechanisms of the Tank functioned.

The kit is made in 1/35 scale.


2) 35202 “Desert Battle Series. Skull Clan - New Amazons. Give it back! This is my booty!!!”

This kit continues the series of kits in 1/35 scale dedicated to fictional post-apocalyptic period and it shows adventures of New Amazons - tribal association of women who reject male society fundamentally and use men exclusively for procreation.
The kit includes the parts for the assembly of 5 figures of girls-warriors.
The figures illustrate the whole story:-

As a result of the global warming and ecological catastrophe that occurred then, the cities left without water and heat were abandoned by the population and only the raider groups of few but ferocious clans infiltrated sometimes uninhabited, but very dangerous streets of abandoned cities in search of something useful. One such group from the Scull Clan Community of Amazons came across an abandoned elite women's clothing store during the raid.

Because of the abundance of stunningly beautiful underwear hardened women's hearts melted and a fierce fight began for the possession of lace panties and other forgotten treasures and only the sudden appearance of a group of unknown raiders stopped this battle and the Amazons had to fight to protect themselves and their booty.

All figures of the kit are filled with powerful internal energy, powerful emotion and contains the whole story. The kit allows creating both an independent vignette and large-scale diorama by using the figures from 35122 "Desert Battle Series, Skull Clan - Death Angels" and 35199 “Desert Battle Series. Skull Clan - New Amazons. This is not the place for strangers!” kits.

The figures are united by the single story, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly, but at the same time each of figures has so bright inside expression that it allows seeing the whole story even in the single figure and creating independent vignette with the use of any figure from the kit at modeller’s choice.

The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.

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