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Tankmen of WW1 in 1/35...

...3 new figure sets due soon
Masterbox_TankmenWW1 (1).JPG

35134 "Tankmen of WW1 Era"


This 6-figure set from MB Models is one I think is particularly useful.  Rather than telling a story in itself, as we commonly see in the kits from Masterbox, this one has three pairs which are particularly useful.  We are coming to end of a period where we have been remembering the 100th anniversary of WW1.  For modellers over the last 5 years we have been treated to a good number of fine WW1 era model tanks, including British, French and German tanks.  One thing that few of these have featured have been associated crew figures, so how helpful is it to find one figure sets that can help with a number of these models.

This set features a pair of figures for British, French and German WW1 tanks.  Each pair provides an officer and a rank & file crewman for each nation.  All on one sprue they are all set in casual standing poses and don't involve a large number of parts.  They follow a fairly standard parts breakdown, with heads, arms, torso and legs plus helmets and minimum accessories such as pistol holsters.  There are some mould seams that need to be sanded down, but assembly is quite straightforward.


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