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Messerschmitt Bf 110 Nachtjager Detail...

...seen at the RAF Museum, Hendon

The Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4/R6 Wk.Nr. 730301 in the collection of the RAF Museum is thought to have been built in 1944.  FItted with a Liechtenstein SN-2 radar, this nightfighter was surrendered at Grove airfield in Denmark (now named Karup) in May 1945.  With the code D5+RL it had been serving with 1/NJG3, defending Denmark and Northern Germany.

Flown to the UK it was used for evaluation and put into storage.  Allocated to be a museum exhibit it was kept, even though it was moved between storage locations over the years.  Restored and repainted in 1976 at St Athan, it was put on display at the then new Battle of Britain Museum at Hendon in 1978, where it has remained even since.


With a major project to redesign the Battle of Britain museum building starting in October 2016 and due for completion in 2018.  This has meant moving the various Battle of Britain airframes.  Among these is the Me Bf 110-G4/R6 and when I visited in early December 2017 it could be found dismantled and located in the Bomber Command Hall of the RAF Museum at Hendon, where it will be re-assembled for display.  In the meantime it provided an opportunity in this dismantled state to picture some of the colours and details which I thought would be fascinating for modellers to see, elements that are hidden from sight when the aircraft is assembled.  Hence I hope these photos that I took at the time will be useful for modellers in particular.


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