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Meng Toon M5 Stuart...

...building the Meng kit
MengToonM5Stuart (1).JPG

If this sort of model manages to attract more youngsters into our hobby then that is really to be applauded  For the more experienced modeller they are simply a bit of fun and relaxation.  Moulded in green plastic, just the single bogie unit and one piece tracks. As usual with these kits, elements are exaggerated, the gun barrel in particular. However, it is quick and easy to build and can be done without the use of glue, though I still prefer to add glue just to be certain everything stays in place. I painted mine in an overall Olive Drab, and then a coat of an Ammo filter for dark green vehicles, then some simple transfers, which applied very neatly, fixed in place using Humbrol DecalFix, which I find very effective though with the proviso not to use too much as a decal can shrink up and become unusable if you get it wrong. The end result I like, and just some light weathering still to be applied.

If your are wondering about a present for your children/grandchildren etc and hope to encourage them to find enjoyment in our hobby, then this could be a great choice to help them.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies Ltd here in the UK


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