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Toon Pzkpfw V Panther...

...building the Meng kit
MengToon_Panther (1).JPG

I have become a fan of these 'Toon' tanks from Meng, lovely little caricatures. I've done a number of others which can also find featured here on my site. In this case a late war Panther, complete with flame dampers on the exhausts. Finished in a 3-colour camouflage I am in two minds whether to leave it as it now is, or apply some weathering.

Unusually, when I opened the box on this one, the sprue with the road wheels on had escaped their quality control, and the wheels were mis-moulded and either missing or unusable. This is the first time I have had such a problem with a kit for years. Going on to Meng's website, I was able to register the problem and I was impressed with how quickly they not only dealt with the problem, but that the replacement sprue arrived very soon after, bearing in mind it had come all the way from the Far East. I am impressed by their customer service.

The kit builds easily, and can be assembled without glue. Hence, it is ideal for youngsters as well as being a bit of fun for more experienced modellers. I believe these make ideal presents for children/grandchildren if you want to encourage them to get into modelling as a hobby.


I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies Ltd here in the UK


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