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Meng Toon French Somua S35...

...building the Meng kit
MengToonSomuaS35 (1).JPG

Regular site visitors are likely to have spotted that I have become a fan of these 'Toon' tanks from Meng. My most recent one is the French Somua S35. Same basic comments as with their previous kits, as these models are designed to be assembled without the need for glue, though you can (I do) choose to use it to make sure some smaller details don't come loose.

With this one there is a choice of markings and a choice of parts for the small cupola on top of the turret.  For the French version, there is the solid top cupola. Many of the Somuas were captured when France fell in 1940, and the Germans altered the cupola by cutting the top and adding hatches. So, these are the two parts options provided for in the model, and they go with the two choices for colours and markings.  Personally I like the idea of the multi-colour French camouflage rather than overall Panzer Grey, which is the alternative they provide for. As ever, fit of parts is excellent and it captures the look of the S35 really neatly.  I have it built, next is to paint it...

As I have said before, if your are wondering about a present for your children/grandchildren etc and hope to encourage them to find enjoyment in our hobby, then this could be a great choice to help them.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies Ltd here in the UK


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