Milicast WW2 1/76 Landing Craft...

...resin kits by Glasgow based Milicast

In a separate feature you can find my build of Milicast's large model of the LCI(L), while to go with it, Milicast also do a good range of the various smaller types of Allied Landing Craft, both British and American.  Here are three of them which I have also built in recent years.  The markings you see on each of these models come from some sets of transfers by Dan Taylor and which are not included in the kits themselves, but are available separately.  While a standard colour for Landing Craft was light grey, I go for the camouflaged options for simply being a bit more visually interesting.  The patterns were done to a laid down pattern.


The LCP(L) - Landing Craft Personnel (Large)

The LCP(L) was designed by the Eureka Tug-Boat Company of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Built using pine and plywood, it also had some additional armour plating to protect key elements of the boat.  These were built for both the Royal Navy and the US Navy.  Powered by a single engine the RN version had a crew of 3 and could carry up to 36 troops.  The RN first wanted them for raiding use on the European coast, and they were first used at Dieppe.  These had no forward ramp so this gave them extra strength to the bow, and their shallow draft allowed them good performance in beach landings though troops had to disembark by climbing over the sides.  The design was later developed in the US  and fitted with a ramp, which became the famous Higgins Boat.

The kit builds up nicely and you have the option to fit the canvas cover to the troop compartment or not.

LCA - Landing Craft Assault

The LCA was a Thorneycroft design, but built by many different manufacturers during the war, around 2,000 of them saw service around the world.  They were built from hardwood, but fitted with armoured panels over particular elements.  Powered by 2x Ford V8 engines they carried a crew of 4 and could carry 36 troops.  They were used in the early campaigns in Norway and at Dunkirk as well as many other landing operations.  Perhaps best known for their part in the Normandy landings in 1944, and a famous bit of newsreel film with the front armoured bulkhead doors opening up to land troops onto the beach.

The model is easy enough to build, and being resin will benefit from a coat of primer prior to the final paintwork.  The ramp and internal bulkhead doors can be fitted open or closed.

LCM1 - Landing Craft Mechanised 1

The LCM1 was another Thorneycroft design, though this time made from steel plus additional armour plating.  It was designed to land tanks of up to 16 tons in weight.  It had twin (petrol) engines and carried a crew of 6.  About 500 were built and were used at Narvik, just one at Dunkirk and later at Dieppe and Normandy.

The resin kit from Milicast goes together well and the ramp can be assembled up or down.


Milicast 1/76 LCPL
Milicast 1/76 LCPL
Milicast 1/76 LCA
Milicast 1/76 LCA
Milicast 1/76 LCM 1
Milicast 1/76 LCM 1
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