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Bulgarian Fighter Colours 1919-1948, Vol.2...

... from MMP Books

Title:  Bulgarian Fighter Colours 1919-1948 Vol.2

Author: Denes Bernad

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-19-8

Another excellent new hardback book in the White Series from MMP Books and the second volume to look at the story of Bulgarian Fighter Colours in WW2.
The first section looks at the detail of Bulgarian use of the Me Bf109G Strela. This takes up 162 pages of this 262 page book and tells us the story of how the flight of US bombers attacking targets in Romania led to the Germans updating the Bulgarian air arm with the G variant of the 109. With details of their aircrew and missions flown, it goes on to include the Bulgarian declaration as a Neutral state once the war was going against their German allies, the acceptance of the Russian offensive which went across their territory. At the end of the war, the Russian captured a number of Luftwaffe aircraft intact at an airbase in Austria. They helped Bulgarian aircrew recover serviceable airframes by flying them out, or on railway flat wagons, before US forces took over the area. Detail I had not been aware of before and very interesting to read. Added to this are details of camouflage and markings as well as tables of kills etc. It goes on to cover other aircraft types and their service, the Avia B-135, the Dewoitine D.520 and rounds it off with the UMe-109 UStrela, the two seat trainer which also saw service. All include sections on camouflage and markings which use some excellent colour profile artwork and it is heavily illustrated throughout the book with archive photos.
Add this to volume 1 and we have a history of the Bulgarian Air Force fighters during WW2, a history which once upon a time I would never have expected to be able to read when Bulgaria remained part of the Eastern Block of the Cold War. As someone interested in the history of WW2 it is a lasting benefit of the end of the Cold War and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Modellers and historians should enjoy this and find it a valuable addition to a reference shelf. Recommended without any hesitation.


Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided our review copy.



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