Republic F105 Thunderchief... Yellow Series title from MMP Books

Title:  Republic F105 Thunderchief

Author: Jaroslaw Dobrzynski

Publisher:  Stratus Books/MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65281-79-1

This new  softcover book from MMP in their Yellow series is another excellent reference for the aviation enthusiast, and of course the modeller.  The Thunderchief was designed to be a nuclear bomber, but it turned out to gain fame as both a conventional bomber and in the role of a 'Wild Weasel', anti-SAM weapons platform and if that was not enough, it was also the mount for the USAF 'Demonstration' team, the 'Thunderbirds'.  In most roles it was in the single seat configuration, though it was the two-seater, originally designed as the trainer that saw success as the Wild Weasel.  As it turned out, it was for its' role in the early stages of the Vietnam War in particular that it is best known.  That it remained in service with units of the USAF from 1958 through to 1984 gives a good idea of how successful the design proved to be.

The story is told over 8 chapters and the whole book is just packed with detailed information as well as the basic service history.  Chapter 1 explains the Birth of the F-105, the design and development story.  Next is the First Production Variant, the F-105B, followed by The Ultimate Versions - F-105D and F.  Chapter 4 looks at the Wild Weasels and Other Special Versions while chapter 5 is the Operational Service story.  It's main claim to fame is covered in chapter 6, the F-105 in Combat Over Vietnam.  It leaves it to chapter 7 to take on all the fantastic detail of a Technical Description, which is subdivided into 13 more elements, including topics such as fuselage, wing, hydraulics, fuel system, cockpit, avionics, R-14a radar and armament among other.  These pages include a host of illustrations from USAF manuals and a mass of very detailed reference information.  It leaves space for a short final chapter to look at F-105 paint schemes and markings.

Filled with informative text, loads of archive photos, excellent colour artwork and profiles, a set of walkaround photos of a preserved example in the Polish Aviation Museum at Cracow and, tucked between the pages of the book, a separate fold-out sheet of 1/72 scale drawings.  Another excellent book from MMP, definitely one to recommend as an  excellent book for aviation historians, and an ideal modellers reference to have on your bookshelf.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.