Finnish Bomber Colours 1939-1945... White Series hardback from MMP Books

Title:  Finnish Bomber Colours 1939-1945

Author: Kari Stenman, Karolina Holda

Publisher:  Stratus Books/MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65281-03-6

This new  hardcover book from MMP is another beauty for the aviation historian, enthusiast and modeller.  It covers the various aircraft used as bombers by the Finnish air force during WW2.  Using original wartime records held in official Finnish records  and from veterans, the result is a very well detailed book, filled with archive photos along with the excellent colour artwork prepared by Karolina Holda.

The variety of aircraft is interesting in itself as the book tells us how the Finnish air force acquired the mix of types, and even listing individual serial numbers.  There are 9 different aircraft types, with the Fokker C.X, Bristol Blenheim I, II and IV, Ilyushin DB-3M and 3F, Douglas DC-2, Westland Lysander I, Tupolev SB, Dornier Do 17Z, Petlyakov Pe-2 and Pe-3, along with the Junkers Ju 88A.  Each has their source explained, along with their combat history along with the main topic of the book, their camouflage and markings.  All are illustrated with a good mix of archive photos (including a few colour pictures) plus the excellent colour artwork.

The sources for the aircraft varied, with British types purchased early in the war, while Russian ones were either captured in the Winter War or were obtained from the German stocks of War Booty.  The two German types were supplied as they were withdrawn from Luftwaffe service, but when the Finnish pressure on Russia with the Continuation War diverted resources from direct action against the German fronts.  Add another 5 appendices which give more useful information, including colours, this is a really interesting read for the WW2 aviation historian, and an ideal modellers reference.  The work the author has put into this is evident and MMP have done a very nice job of producing a good quality book.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.