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Just Paint...

...How to Paint Your Military Model, from MMP Books

Title:  Just Paint

Author: Artur Walachowski

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-49-5

One for the military modellers amongst us, this new softcover book from MMP Books and Polish modeller Artur Walachowski has 104 pages of fine painting guides for modellers. A regular entrant at model shows in Poland and elsewhere in Europe, Artur uses a number of models to demonstrate various painting techniques on military vehicles across a variety of scales.
There are 10 models featured in the book. Not in dioramas, it concentrates on the finish of the models themselves. There are two in the larger 1/16 scale, a Renault FT17 from Takom and a Pz II L Luchs from Classy Hobby. Then 3 in 1/35, the Scammell Pioneer Breakdown truck from IBG, the M32B1 Sherman ARV from Tasca, and another IBG kit, their Lancia 3RO truck. Another 2 models showcase 1/48, with the Bedford MWD and the Supacat Coyote, both from Airfix. Next come 2 quite different 1/72 kits, the Ford V3000 Mauliter with 2cm Flak from IBG and the modern SPG MSTA-S from Zvezda. Finally, the smallest of all, a 1/100 Sdkfz 251 which is also from Zvezda.
A fine mix of WW2 and modern subjects, in a good variety of colour schemes. All are well illustrated with first class quality photos of the models both in progress and completed. The build process is not explained, this is all about getting a good paint finish, which if done well, as they are here, you can actually disguise the odd fault with the build itself. It's nice that the author uses a good variety of materials and the book is not keyed to the paint/weathering products of any one particular manufacturer. He also encourages the modellers to experiment and try different techniques and effects for themselves, which I believe is better than simply trying to copy another person's style. It deserves to be popular among military vehicle modellers.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided our review copy.



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