Heinkel He 111 H...

...new Scale Plans from MMP Books

Title:  Scale Plans 1/32, Heinkel He 111 H

Author: Dariusz Karnas

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-16-7

A new set of scale plans in this series from MMP, number 59. A softcover book with 3 pages, each of which folds out, and to give you an idea, each one is equivalent of 4x pages of A4 side by side.  Printed on both sides, we are presented with topside and underside views, along with side views of H-3, H-6, h-10, H-14, H-15 and H-16 variants.  Add detail of fuselage profiles, engine cowlings and there is plenty to find.  Interestingly the H-15 carries three BV 246 'Hagelkorn' flying bombs.

One of the things about these drawings, as well as being ideal for any modeller interested in scratchbuilding their own example, , for me it shows how large a 1/32 model of an He 111 would be.  Bags of potential for some beautiful models, though I wonder how many modellers would have the space for a collection of models in this large scale.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.