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Caudron Renault CR.714 Cyclone....

...Scale Plans No 61, from MMP Books

Title:  Renault Caudron CR.714 Cyclone

Author: Franciszek Strzelczyk & Tomasz Bobkowski

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-24-2

Scale Plans no. 61 from MMP is a very neat set of scale plans for the Caudron Renault CR.714 Cyclone, and a useful companion to their much larger book on the same aircraft, which provides the development and service history.
Presented in a card cover, it hold 6 large pages, each of which fold out and have the excellent quality scale plans printed on both sides. The first sheet has the multi-view scale drawings in 1/72 scale, before they are repeated in 1/48 scale on pages 2 and 3. That leaves pages 4-6 with the drawings repeated once more, but in 1/32 scale this time. So, all very much aimed at the modeller I think. Upper, lower and both side views are all featured, along with extra details in the form of cross-sections down the length of the fuselage, standard and late undercarriage variations, coarse and fine propellers, with or without trim tabs on the rudder and more.
Very nicely presented as we expect from this series, and providing the modeller with good clear plans in the 3 most common modelling scales. First class.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.



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