PZL P.11c...

...Single No. 02, from MMP Books

Title:  PZL P.11c

Author: Dariusz Karnas and Artur Juszczak

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-59-4

Number 2 in this new 'Single' series from MMP Books, and quite appropriately I think for a Polish based publisher, the subject this time -is the PZL P.11c, a Polish built fighter of the early 1930's, still their frontline fighter at the outbreak of war in 1939. When first built, this high mounted gull-wing was one of the most advanced designs of the time. It was built at a time when many air forces were still using biplanes. By the time war broke out in 1939 of course it was being outclassed by aircraft such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

What we have with this book is another 24-page softcover title concentrating on the specific aircraft type. The opening 4 pages gold excellent scale drawings, in both 1/72 and /48 scales. These are followed by another 16 ages of photo, a mixture of archive images plus some from a preserved museum example (including a few in colour) showing plenty of detail plus a few images from the old Technical Manual on the type. The English language captioning adds more useful information to the book. It is all rounded off with 4 pages of fine colour artwork, one with the detailed instrument panel and then a camouflaged example of a Polish Air Force machine, in service near Warsaw in 1939.

Another useful addition to this series, especially for the aircraft modeller.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.