North American Aviation P-51B/C & F-6C Mustang...

...Yellow Series No. 6143, from MMP Books

Title:  North American Aviation P-51B/C & F-6C

Author: Robert Peczkowski

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-39-6

A new addition to their Yellow series of soft-cover books, with 160 pages packed with so much detail information on the Mustang. This covers the main production variants of the Mustang, with the detail split across 14 sections which includes coverage of the early Alison engine Mustang X. The bulk though moves on to the Packard engined aircraft and does include the RAF Malcolm Hood versions.

We get informative text that in itself provides plenty of detail but it is all accompanied and expanded with an excellent selection of archive photos, illustrations from technical manuals, photos from NAA archives, colour artwork, modern images of preserved airframes as well as tables of production serials and more. The detail in the different sections cover elements such as the wing construction, engine and mountings, cockpit, armament etc..

All packed into one neat book, this provides a good little reference resource that might well attract the interest of full size aircraft owners/restorers while it provides an equally good set of reference for the aviation historian and for the scale modeller. Those wanting to add fine details to engines, wing mounted machine guns or the cockpit as well as tracking serials for a particular aircraft, then I am sure they'll find something in here to grab their attention.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided my review copy.