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Model Miniature News, December 2017... of 2 new Photo Books from Model Miniature in France

Model Miniature is a French based company who have made a name for themselves with their 1/72 resin models and more recently they have been publishing some photo reports of modern French army equipment as well.  News here of two of their latest books, which are now on sale.  One of a recent exercise and the other covering the unusual blue camouflages of their OPFOR units.


Bleu FORAD / Les Forces Adverses du CENTAC.

This book contains more than 100 photos of the CENTAC VAB, AMX-10P, AMX-30, and other gear and equipment from the CENTAC Forces before 2016, when they were still painted in blue / gray and black.

Exercice Humières / GTIA au Centre d'Entrainement Au Combat

More than 100 HD color photos, again, on the theme of an exercise involving more than 10 different regiments; AMX-10 RCR of the 1st RIMa, infantry embarked and on foot of the 3rd RIMa and the 35th RI, 3rd RG Engineers, VBL Milan and other machines of the 1st RCh, .... And many other materials await you in this book.

Model Miniature have an interesting range of books and kits, including modern French vehicles in 1/72 along with some from the IDF (Israeli Defence Force).  It is a French based company, operated by Julie Ludmann.


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