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Model Miniature News, March 2018... of a new kit and a new accessory set from Model Miniature in France

Model Miniature is a French based company who have made a name for themselves with their 1/72 resin models and more recently they have been publishing some photo reports of modern French army equipment as well.  For this month, a new resin model ans some appropriate transfers.


The VBCI VPC kit in 1/72 scale

The kit includes:


  • All open hatches

  • 3 antennas

  • Mobile turret

  • painting guide from AK Interactive

  • easy to build kit

Decals for VBCI VPC are also available

  • 61 decals

  • in more 16 decals for the wheels

  • Version UNIFIL

  • European camouflage version


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