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Model Miniature News, October 2017... of 2 new 1/72 resin accessory kits from Model Miniature in France

Model Miniature is a French based company who have made a name for themselves with their 1/72 resin models and we have news of a coupe of new accessory sets becoming available from them here in October 2017.  One is for a set of modern US anti-IED devices and antenna, along with some AFV crew figures, all cast as polyurethane resin parts. 

Accessory and figure for véhicle US modern for Bradley, Abrams, HMMWV, MRAP, trucks, .....)
the set contains:

  • 2 tank crew

  • 4 antennas

  • 12.7mm MG

  • 2 Anti-IED antenna

  • 2 bar for tanks, trucks,

  • Diverse devices

The second is for lengths of resin cast track as used on the US built Bradley and MLRS.

Model Miniature have an interesting range of kits, including modern French vehicles in 1/72 along with some from the IDF (Israeli Defence Force).  It is a French based company, operated by the lovely Julie Ludmann.


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