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Model Miniature News, June 2019... of new kits from Model Miniature in France
pub amx10p voa.jpg

Model Miniature is a French based company who have made a name for themselves with their 1/72 resin models and more recently they have been publishing some photo reports of modern French army equipment as well.  For this month, 3 new resin models.


  1. AMX-10 P armored  with 20mm gun
    Available here :

  2. AMX-10 P VOA armored  , (artillery observation)
    Available here :

  3. AMX-10P VOA  (artillery observation)
    Available here :


Each kit includes:

  • A complete kit

  • 3 antennas

  • Moveable Turret

  • Easy to assemble kit


Thanks to Julie at Model Miniature for the news.


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