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Morris Trucks in 1/76...

...resin models by Cromwell Models
Cromwell_MorrisTrucks (1).JPG

These 3 resin models are far from new, but have been resting in a coat of primer in a drawer for several years.  The two open cab Morris trucks are 2 from a set of 3 resin trucks from Cromwell models. The third one remains in the primer coat until I decide what colours to paint it. They were/are remarkable castings as they are each done in a single piece. The third one has an empty load bed. The Morris radio truck is another Cromwell Models kit which they released at the same time. Again, very few parts but not all done in one piece this time. I don't think these are currently available but you could try Matador Models who might have some.

I 'got these out the drawer' to test out s new set of Lifecolor paints for British WW2 Tanks in France, Europe and the UK in the later half of WW2.  The basic colour for the radio truck is overall SCC 15, the British shade of Olive Drab, a little different from the US colour. Then the one on the left in the picture above is done in 'Light Mud Provisional' as the base colour and a disruptive pattern in SCC1A Very Dark Brown. The truck on the right, with the uncovered load, is in SCC 2 Brown, with a disruptive scheme in SCC 14 Blue-Black. All are brush painted.  For an excellent guide to British colours, check out the books on British Armour Colours by MAFVA member Mike Starmer.

What I have yet to do is decide on what markings to use for them and then add some light weathering.


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