Dornier Do 17 Units of World War 2...

... from Osprey Publishing

Title: Dornier Do 17 Units of World War 2

Author: Chris Goss

Publisher: Osprey

ISBN: 978-1-4728-2963-4

Number 129 in Osprey's Combat Aircraft  series covers one of the Luftwaffe's early twin engine bombers, the Dornier Do 17, also known as the 'Flying Pencil' in its' initial configuration.

The book starts by detailing the Design and Development story, along with early use as a fast civilian mail plane and then as a light bomber used in the Spanish Civil War. It was experience during this early combat experience that led to a redesign of the nose of the aircraft. Still with some of the early variants in service, the next chapter looks at Poland and 'Sitzkrieg', the war with France and the UK prior to the invasion of May 1940. That is naturally followed by the use of the aircraft during the Battle for France and followed on with the Battle of Britain. Within this chapter is the excellent set of colour profile images of a variety of examples, in the markings of different units, filling 10 pages which is sure to attract the aircraft modellers amongst the readers.  With another battle over, the Dornier was also used for reconnaissance and bombing missions amidst the 'Blitz. By 1941 the Dornier 17 was being replaced as it had only a light bomb load and a short range, so was replaced by alternative types. Though withdrawn from France, they were used as nightfighters and a variety of other roles, including training and communications machines. They were used in the Balkans and during the early invasion of Russia. As well as the fine artwork and excellent selection of archive images that are included throughout the book, the toxt is enlivened by the stories of many individual aircraft and what happened to their crews.

The book is rounded off with the story of the recovery of the only known surviving example of a Do 17, the one recovered from the Goodwin Sands in 2013 by the RAF Museum. That leaves the last few pages of the book to have the numbered, detailed descriptions of each of the individual colour profiles. Another excellent addition to any aviation historian or modeller interested in the Luftwaffe of WW2.


Thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review copy.