Panzerfaust vs Sherman...

...European Theatre 1944-45, from Osprey Publishing

Title: Panzerfaust vs Sherman

Author: Steven J Zaloga

Publisher: Osprey

ISBN: 978-1-4728-3231-3

This brings the Dual series up to number 99, and this sees well known author Steve Zaloga taking us through the late war story of the German shaped charge weapons against the most numerous allied tank the NW Europe, the Sherman.

The book starts with a helpful Introduction and a Chronology of significant events. Then is moves on to the Design & Development of these shaped charge weapons. They include the Pankerschreck, the Pupchen and the Panzerfaust (Kleine and Gross variants of the Panzerfaust 30) including the 30, 60, 100, 150 and (planned)250. This is followed with the Technical Specifcations before getting to the Combatants. These were new weapons that the US Army had to face for the first time, hence they found themselves needing to find new solutions to help protect the tanks. These included the use of welded racks to hold sandbags, welding spare tracklinks, and the use of concrete. Next is a look at the Strategic Situation before considering a particular example of the two opponents in action, using a battle at Villiers-Fossard, amidst the Normandy bocage at the end of June, 1944. That action is then subject to an Analysis before rounding things off with the Aftermath.

The Aftermath chapter looks at the plans for the Panzerfaust 150 and 250, which used a different shaped charge and how the Russians not only made use of captured examples but also developed their RPG weapons, including the RPG-7 which still bears a distinct resemblance to the later Panzerfaust variants. Add all the archive photos that are included throughout the book, as well as the excellent artwork that Osprey are renowned for, and this makes for a very interesting read.

Thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review copy.