Heinkel He 111, the Latter Years...


...The Blitz and War in the East to the Fall of Germany, a new Air War Archive from Pen and Sword


Title: Heinkel He 111, The Latter Years - the Blitz and War in the East to the Fall of Germany

Author: Chris Goss

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 978-1-84832-445-9

The Heinkel He 111 is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable bombers of WW2. with it's large glazed nose.  Well known to many for its' role in the Battle of Britain the bomber served on all the fronts where the Luftwaffe operated and this new addition to the Air War Archive series of books from Pen and Sword picks up the story after the Battle of Britain, looking at the other campaigns in which it participated in the later years of the war.  While the Allies had a number of twin engine bomber types, such as the Wellington, they went on to successfully develop heavier, 4-engined bombers like the Stirling, Halifax and Lancaster.  The Luftwaffe never seriously developed a heavier bomber than the He 111, with the troublesome He 177 never went into widespread use.

This new book holds a super collection of archive photos within 148 pages, including a section of colour archive photos in the back.  Following a brief Introduction, the pictures are split across 5 sections.  These are Bombers Over the United Kingdom 1941, dealing with the Blitz which followed the failure of the Battle of Britain.  Next comes Russia and the Mediterranean, 1941, then In Action 1942-43, In Action 1944-45 before the final section of colour photos.

For the aviation historian and the modeller in particular, this will be just the sort of reference you will like.  There are a variety of colour schemes, some of which are more unusual, the same with some of the markings.  We see aircraft in flight, on the ground, derelict, crashed and even cut up at the end of the war.  An interesting mix of bombs being carried, including the V1 for air launches, a barrage balloon deflector and more.  Add the variety and detail of uniforms and aircrew equipment, there is lots of useful reference detail to be found.  Another useful addition to this growing series.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.