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The Napoleonic Wars...


...Wargames Terrain & Buildings, from Pen & Sword



Title: The Napoleonic Wars, Wargames Terrain & Buildings

Author: Tony Harwood

Publisher: Pen & Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52671-639-2

This new book from Tony Harwood and Pen & Sword is one for the modeller and wargamer. What we are presented with is a series of different Napoleonic era style buildings and in a variety of scales. As the author points out, while you can buy pre-built scenery for a wargames table, that comes at a price. In here Tony explains a series of individual builds which can help you create your own at a much lower cost and your won detailing which will make your models both attractive to see on a gaming table, and unique to you.

There are a mix of scales, starting off with a 15mm scale build of a Russian windmill. Another chapter shows how to start off with a commercially available 20mm scale commercially available laser-cut mdf kit of La Belle Alliance but to add detail and 'personalise' the models which also adds additional detail to an otherwise plain building. Other though describe buildings made from a variety of materials. A few of them start as cut-out corrugated cardboard to create the basic shape and then a covering of paper to surface the base card, and then adding extra detailing, painting and finishing. These remaining builds are 28/30mm scale buildings, some built from cardboard, and others from Foam Board or carved from solid foam packaging. Details are also added from a variety of sources, including card, DAS modelling clay, balsa wood and commercial accessories such as Wills Roof Tiles. Each project is extensively illustrated with photos of the build from start to finish, and all are ended with a list of the materials used in the construction and a list of paints used to finish them off.

This is excellent, and a good incentive to make use of bits & bobs you will have around the house to save some money and provide you with an extension of a wargaming hobby into model building that will help enhance your wargaming table and experience. Some great tips and very well explained.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for my copy.


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