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Painting Wargaming Figures, WWII in the Desert...


...from Pen and Sword



Title: Painting Wargaming Figures, WWII in the Desert

Author: Andy Singleton

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52671-631-6

Wargaming is a very popular hobby, not just with computer games, but using physical models on the gaming table. The author is a professional painter for wargames figures, and clearly has plenty to experience. This is a neatly done, soft-cover book which looks at painting the figures for WW2 Desert gaming in particular.

The book is split into two main sections. The first is about Basics, where 2 chapters explain the basic tools and techniques for painting small scale figures (20mm and 28mm) which are favourite scales for wargamers. It includes Layering, Washes, Brush Care and much more. The second chapter is Boot Camp, which takes you through the basics of assembly and preparation of both plastic and metal figures.

Part 2 provides us with the specific Painting Guides, which is in turn split across another 6 chapters. The first four tackle painting the British & Commonwealth, Italian, US, and German Armies. The final 2 cover Camouflage Uniforms, which in this case uses German paratroop smocks and then a final piece on Basing your finished figures. The other very nicely thought out aspect of these painting guides are that each one presents them in three different levels of complexity. These are listed as Conscript, Regular and Elite levels. These cover beginners and those with large numbers of figures to be done in a reasonable time frame, and the more elaborate Elite level kept for special figures/groups such as vehicle crews and Commanders.  Each section is well illustrated throughout the book, which helps illustrate the work and the end results, plus plenty of tables which list the various colours (including the paint brand) to be used for each one.

There are lots of good tips in here and it makes this a very useful guide for painting small scale figures. 

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.


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