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Panzer Rollen...


...The Logistics of a Panzer Division, from Primary Sources, from Pen and Sword



Title: Panzer Rollen

Author: Edited & Introduced by Bob Carruthers

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 978-1-47386-880-9

This is a fascinating little paperback, as it reproduces wartime US Intelligence translations of 2 original German documents. Both are manuals published for German units, but once captured, US Intelligence had them translated and then shared them with US unit commanders, to help them appreciate how the German Panzer units were operated.

The first section of the book is on The German Armoured Division, which is split across 14 chapters, and many of these are sub-divided into additional detail.  From the Characteristics and Organisation it goes on to the Role of the Armoured Division and how it should be employed.  Then it details the individual components before going on to cover topics such as Reconnaissance, Movement, Deployment, Attack, Pursuit, Defence, Withdrawal from Action, Special Conditions (Rivers, Built up areas etc), Rest and Services.

The second half holds a similar style guide for the Provisional Instructions for the Employment and Tactics of the Motorised Infantry Regiment and Battalion.  This splits into 17 sections, including such as Weapons and their Performances; Influence of Terrain on Movement and Tactics; Movement; Attack; Pursuit; Combat Trains; and Supply among others.  Again, a few are also sub-divided into detailed sub-topics.  Inserted within the book, just a add some illustrations to these fascinating documents, a few pages of armchive photos illustrating the various panzers.

I find it fascinating to read original documents such as these so I enjoy seeing modern versions such as this.  One for the military historian with any interest in the Panzers of WW2 and also a handy reference for wargamers I'd suggest.


Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.


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