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Royal Flying Corps Kitbag...


...from Pen and Sword



Title: Royal Flying Corps Kitbag

Author: Mark Hillier

Publisher: Pen and Sword Books

ISBN: 978-1-52675-299-4

Another excellent book from author Mark Hillier on the subject of historic flying clothing. In this case we get a very detailed look at the uniforms, equipment and even the paperwork used by pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, or RFC.
A hardback book of 268 pages there has been a lot of work gone into this one. It is split across 6 chapters, covering Flying Clothing; Flying Equipment: Uniforms; Rank, Badges, Insignia & Buttons; Paperwork & Documents; and finally RFC to RAF Transitional Arrangements. It is rounded off with three short appendices with some useful information tables. All the chapters well detailed with text, which is in turn profusely illustrated with archive images and a lot of modern, high quality photos of surviving examples of uniforms etc from various museums and private collections. A marvellous collection when all seen together in the one book.
It is sad to have to accept that there are no veterans left alive who can remember or comment on subjects like this any more, and that makes this an ever more valuable book to remember them, and what they accomplished. It is a super resource for figure modellers, along with aviation historians and I suspect for modern pilots who are interested in that history. It is also an ideal reference for militaria collectors and re-enactors, plus I suspect, for families who may still own some relics of uniforms/badges/documentation from grandfathers/great grandfathers and who would like to know a bit more about them. Excellent.


Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.


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