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North Africa & the Middle East...


...Wargames Terrain & Buildings, from Pen and Sword



Title: North Africa and the Middle East

Author: Tony Harwood

Publisher: Pen and Sword Books

ISBN: 978-1-52671-643-9

This new book is a fine follow-up to the author's previous one on making Napoleonic Wargames scenery. This time, rather than a particular period, he looks at multiple periods but focuses on the region of North Africa and the Middle East.
The book is divided into 4 sections, then sub-divided by specific projects. Section 1 deals with Mud Brick Houses, all three in 28mm scale. The first is a simple build, the next an Intermediate level and then the Bir Acroma Well, based on a scene in the original Humphrey Bogart film version of 'Sahara'. In Section 2 there are three more projects, but in different scales. The first is a 15mm scale river gunboat, the 'Malik', and then also in 15mm, a Mosque. The third one in this section is a bit different, for using a base kit of a 28mm mdf kit of the railway station at El Alamein, but one which the author adds extra detailing. In Section 3 we see two different African Huts, both in 28mm. The first is a Generic African Thatched Hut, while the second is a Sudanese Domed Hut. The final section is for 28mm Modeular Terrain, so useful for a wargames table. This features a piece of Rough Ground/Rocky Terrain and then some Oasis themed bits, a Bedouin Tent, a Well and Palm Trees.
Each build is well described and every step illustrated with photos of the builds in progress. All have a listing of the resources used in each build, some excellent examples of scratch building. These are not only cheaper than buying fully finished buildings but it will give more originality to your collection and of course, the fun of making your own. Another excellent book for wargamers and modellers.


Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.


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