Panther and Jagdpanther Units, Pt 2...

...The Eastern Front, from Operation Bagration to Berlin from Bookworld Publishing


Title: Panther and Jagdpanther Units

Author: Dennis Oliver and Stephen Andrew

Publisher: Bookworld Publishing

ISBN: 978 0 97860-138-4

A new paperback book of 34 pages which is part 2 of a planned set of 3, and is a follow up from part 1 which covered the Army formations up to Panzer Regiment 25.  This continues on from Panzer Regiment 26 with the army (Heer) formations which served on the Eastern Front and were equipped with the Panther as well as moving on to tackle those formations which operated the Jagdpanther tank destroyer as well.  This new book needed a new publisher and it is great to see Bookworld Wholesale take up the baton and this marks their first publication.  Well, for a first book they have done a neat job of working with Dennis and Stephen.

Following the introduction there is a list of all the Panther units that served on the Eastern Front, in the sequence they were created and returned to the front.  Each one is then covered individually, telling us when and where they were formed along with their combat history up to the end of the war.  This text is also accompanied by appropriate archive photos, which in turn have useful, informative captions.

The centre section of the book has a set of 8 pages of artwork with fine colour profiles which modellers will like for their inspiration, along with another 5 pages of artwork covering Panzer crew uniforms, both army and SS.  All the profiles and uniform artworks have helpful text notes to accompany them.  That then leads on to the final section of the book, where the unit histories and archive photos complete this second part of the story of the Army (Heer) units.  I for one will look forward to seeing the third and final part of the history which is due to cover the Waffen-SS, named formations such as Grossdeutschland, Brandenberg. and the Luftwaffe Herman Goering division.  An ideal reference for modellers as well as just the panzer historian, it is fine value at an RRP of £14.99 as well.

Thanks to the UK publisher Bookworld for my example.