Panzerwrecks 22...

...Desert, from Panzerwrecks


Title:  Panzerwrecks 22

Author: Lee Archer

Publisher:  Panzerwrecks Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-908032-18-8


The latest book in the Panzwrecks series marks something just slightly different for the series, as while the previous titles have dealt with the last two years of the war, 1944-45, this one deals with the earlier period, the war in the North African desert.  With over 150 large format archive photos along with 6 of their specially commissioned colour illustrations from artist Filipe Rodna.  These excellent pieces of artwork provide a colour interpretation of selected archive photos, which are always illustrated with the colour art on the opposite page.

As ever the photos illustrate a selection of wrecked AFVs.  Not a Tiger or Panther in sight this time though, as we are looking at equipment from an earlier stage of the war.  So often you get a photo of a vehicle in books which stands by itself.  What I especially like about this one is that for many of the vehicles we see a number of different views of the same individual machine(s), sometimes photographed by different people at different times.  There is a Pz IV that is shown where it was knocked out, and then again in a collection point for enemy equipment at a later date and we see changes as bits of equipment 'disappear'.

There is a good variety amongst the subjects on show and they have some particularly good coverage of the Sdkfz 263 8-wheel command vehicle, the 15cm sFH 13 (sfl) Lorraine Schlepper with 6 quite intact examples lined up at the collection point and a variety of examples of the 7.62mm Pak(r) auf GW 38(t) Marder III.  There are many others of course, with Pz II, Pz III and Pz IV all featured as well as half-tracks and armoured cars such as the Sdkfz 261 radio car.  The other topic features a number of Allied AFVs knocked out while in German use and markings, clearly having been captured and put to use by their new owners.  These include M3 half-tracks, Valentines and M3 Stuarts.  There is more of course but this should give you some idea of what there is in here to look forward to.  Another highly recommended addition to the Panzerwrecks series.

It is available now from Panzerwrecks.