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Sturmgeschutz III & Sturmhaubutze 42...

...Ostfront Warfare Series Volume 1, from Panzerwrecks



Title:  Sturmgeschutze III & Sturnhaubitze 42

Author: Vyacheslav Kozitsyn

Publisher:  Panzerwrecks Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-908032-18-8


The first in a new series of soft cover books from publisher Panzerwrecks, by author Vyacheslav Kozitsyn. A landscape format softcover book, produced in the same style and quality of the now well established Panzerwrecks series. In this 112 page book we find 142 large format archive photos, all with informative captions. There is also the addition of six excellent pieces of artwork by Filipe Rodna.  He has used examples from the archive images to reproduce them in first class colour artwork interpretations.

The pictures show us the long gun variants of the 75mm armed Stug III (so the Ausf F and G) along with the shorter, stubby barrel of the 105mm Sturmhaubitze.  The bulk of the images show knocked out vehicles, some of which have suffered catastrophic destruction. This can indicate an AFV devastated by an aerial bomb, by internal demolition as the crew have abandoned it, a crippled vehicle later used for target practice, or of course, it can indicate that a hit from an enemy weapon has resulted in an internal explosion of the ammunition stowage, and from which the fate of the crew hardly bears thinking about. There is lots of detail in here for both the armour historian and the modeller, with some interesting variations on schurtzen and a mix of spare track links being carried, such as T-34 track on the hull front. There is also a good example of the failure of the use of 'concrete' as extra armour.

One of the little extras included is a diagram of how cables were connected for recovery operations.  This is one I am certain modellers will enjoy in particular, and it certainly makes any subsequent titles in this series worth looking forward to.

It is available now from Panzerwrecks.


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