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Allied Sherman M4A2 in 1/72 scale...

...3 models for the wargames market in the one box, from The Plastic Soldier Company
PSC_1_72M4A2Sherman (1).JPG

This new release from The Plastic Soldier Company is another one which is an upscaled version of an earlier 15mm scale kit in their range. With this 1/72 model you get three complete kits in the box, and some options in just which version(s) you choose to build.
So, there are 6 sprues in the box, with the parts for each model held on two sprues. Hence, 3 copies of each sprue. The hull is common, with the VVSS suspension units though a choice of transmission, either the cast piece or the bolted version. The main choices come with the two types of turret that are included, and options for the 75mm, 76mm and the 105mm gun barrels and mantlets depending on what you want. The commanders hatch (on either turret) can be assembled open or closed, and they also provide two half figures for the tank commander for either a British or US figure.
Assembly, with the tracks provided in 2 pieces, the upper and lower track runs. My one tip is to check them carefully when you remove the parts from the sprue, and that you 'dry-fit' them just to check you have the right ones on the right sides, and then you'll find they fit very neatly. They don't take long to build, and the fit of parts is good. There are some mould lines which need to be removed (a sharp craft knife can do that nice and easily). Once done, a coat of primer and then your chosen paint scheme. No transfers are included in the box but there are a whole range of options available separately from a variety of units, a range of transfers which are very neatly produced and good value for money.
Overall a simple kit, and with three full kits in the box clearly aimed at the wargamer, who wants multiple vehicles for their gaming units. Not the fine detail you will find on what I'll describe as 'collectors models' but these are well priced, easy to build and the end result looks good.  With good painting and finishing these can look very good indeed, and be better for regular handling on a gaming table. The range is rightly gaining popularity all the time, as is reflected in the number of kits now available in their range.


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