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British Universal Carrier Variants in 1/72 scale...

...7 models for the wargames market in the one box, from The Plastic Soldier Company
PSC_1_72_UnivCarrierVariants (1).JPG

An excellent release from The Plastic Soldier Company with a 1/72 set of Universal Carrier Variants. The box contains 7 complete Carrier models plus 1 more sprue which has additional parts to build a handy number of variants.
The Carriers can each be built as the basic Universal Carrier, complete with nicely posed crew figures but there are alternative parts for a mix of variants all held on the extra parts sprue. The other variants are to build either the Wasp Mk 1 or Mk 2 flamethrower. While the parts for either arrangement of fuel tanks are included, sadly there is only one flame projector to fit in the front plate (where the Bren gun was mounted in the basic Carrier. A shame then that the unused parts for the option you don't choose to build are then wasted. It would have been nice if a second projector could have been fitted in on the sprue, so you could build both. Other variants include an Artillery Observation Post, which has a ladder mounted on one side, wire reels and a radio aerial. There is also a cylindrical map case indicated on the instructions, but unfortunately this appears to have been missed off the sprue so simply isn't there. There are two Mortar carrying versions, both one with a 3in mortar carried on the back and a 2inch mortar which also has crew figures and ammunition stowage. Another option is for the Vickers MG Carrier, where the gun was mounted on the engine cover. This can be built either with just the gun, or alternatively with a gunner sitting on the engine cover as well. A similar choice is for a Carrier mounting a .50cal Browning, either on the engine deck (just like the Vickers) or fitted to a mounting on top of the front plate, above the opening for the usual Bren gun mount. This one also has a standing gunner figure if you want to go for this one.
The basic Carriers build quickly and easily and have a few optional parts, as well as some nicely done crew figures. There are some mould seams on some of the Carrier parts which really need to be cleaned up, though you could possibly get away with not bothering. The fit of parts for the hull and track units is good throughout, and the additional parts for the new variants are equally good. Not difficult builds, aimed primarily at the Wargamer with 7 kits in the box, but I am sure many who would classify themselves as 'modellers' rather than 'wargamers' will still like these.


No markings included in the kit, but PSC do have an extensive range of sets of Transfers available and these are also well priced in my view. For painting, I use the British Tank Spray can also done by PSC for the basic colour, and then add all the details from various acrylics from Lifecolor.

No doubt in my mind that these offer really good value for money.


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