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Steyr Heavy Car in 1/72 scale...

...3 models for the wargames market in the one box, from The Plastic Soldier Company
PSC_1_72_Steyr (1).JPG

We have waited a while for this 1/72 version of their Steyr Heavy Car kit. It was delayed while some modifications were made to the larger moulds when compared to their earlier 15mm scale version (featured here previously and with a couple of minor fit problems).

Inside the box you find 6 sprues. Three pairs as the parts for each Steyr are held on 2 sprues each, hence the total of six. Very cleanly moulded and no flash. The parts just needed basic clean-up and assembly is quick and straightforward.

With these, I found the fit of parts to be completely excellent throughout. With optional side panels, you can build 4 alternative versions. These are either the Early or Late versions (the difference is in the left side panels and spare wheel stowage) and you can build either with the canvas hood down or alternatively with the roof up and side windows in place. For mine, I chose to do 1 early version with  the tilt up and 2 late versions, one with the tilt up and the other down. As well as the trucks themselves, you get a driver figure plus another 4 seated figures for passengers, 2 with rifles and 2 with MP-40s.

With 3 per box, this is a good value way of building up your wargame units. No transfers are included with the kit, but PSC do have them available in separate packs.


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