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SU-76 in 1/72 scale...

...3 models for the wargames market in the one box, from The Plastic Soldier Company
PSC_1_72_SU76 (1).JPG

Another one of their 15mm scale kits scaled up for 1/72. The parts for each model are spread across 2 sprues, so 6 sprues in the box in total. You can build either the Early or Late versions of this SPG, the difference being in the height of the side armour panels. One slight difference to their earlier 15mm scale models which I have covered before, in that the air filter box  for the right hand side is included.  I found there was just a little bit of flash that needed to be cleaned off the bottom part of the gun mounting, but other than that, all good. Also included are two alternative sets of crew figures - a head/shoulders for the driver and full figures for a Commander and Gunner. One set has them in padded jackets while the other option has them in greatcoats. One of the things about the SU-76 was the open fighting compartment, and with the cold of winter on the Eastern front, no wonder the crews needed warm clothing. Fit of parts is very good, and it doesn't take long to build them.  I went for 1 Late and 2 Early versions. 

With 3 per box, this is more good value for building up your wargame units. No transfers are included with the kit, but PSC do have them available in separate packs. As for colours, I used the excellent Tank Spray Colour done by Plastic Soldier Co for Russian Green as the base colour. It leaves me with the track, running gear and crew figures to finish off.


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