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M109A2 in 1/72...

... from Riich Models
Riich1_72M109A2 (1).JPG

An earlier release from Riich Models but one I have at last been able to have a close look at. The US built M109 is a 155mm SP artillery piece, which first entered service in the early 1960's, with a short barrelled gun, and that saw service in Vietnam. The M109A2 saw a number of detail improvements, the most visible of these being the fitting of the long barrelled 155mm M185 gun and M178 gun mount.

The kit is nicely moulded in a grey plastic, along with just a small fret of etch brass detailing. The mouldings are nicely done, and no flash on my example. The running gear needs assembly, and be carful to get the individual suspension arms evenly lined up. The tracks are in a link and length style. Six individual links to fit around the drive sprocket and four to go on the rear idler. I'd suggest fit the drive sprocket first, then add the 3 lengths that make up the top run of track, and then fit the idler to fit.  The rest of the lengths, plus 2 more individual links for the bottom run and I found they all fitted very neatly. The turret assembles neatly and I chose to fit the gun cradle in the fixed position.

There are two camouflage patterns suggested, and they are printed in colour with views all round.

So, I have the kit built, now it just needs painting and finishing.

Thanks to Riich Models for my example.


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